“Brands are like people:
they have a personality, attitude and stories to tell”.


Zanna Sound, the first Sound Branding agency in Latin America, innovated once again. We have created the entire sound experience of Rio’s Light Rail (VLT) system. It is the first light rail system to operate in Brazil and it has debuted with its own theme music to harmonize trains and cars, with a touch of Rio and some international influence, just like the city itself.

In addition to the musical theme, sound alerts were created to help VLT passengers anticipate the type of message they are about to hear. Cris Araripe’s voice embodies the personality attributes of the brand and the Verbal Tone. All messages directed to the public have a completely innovative way of expressing communication within this means of transportation in Brazil and in the world.

On the VLT the voice of the brand speaks with a distinct accent, speaking in multiple languages; it is close, warm, and straight to the point. The voice and tone communicates like someone who is really speaking personally. The VLT started its operation in Rio in June, 2016. Together, VLT and Zanna Sound are hopeful that it will change a few paradigms in transportation and certainly enhance the experience of Brazilian and foreign passengers who travel around the city.


  • Study: Branding Workshops to identify and create strategy guidelines.
  • Creation: Musical theme, sound logo, operational logo, Voice of the brand, and Verbal Tone.
  • Purpose: Messages for trains and stations, institutional videos and Interactive Voice Responses (IVR).


  • Zanna: Musical direction and composing
  • João Gaspar: Hawaiian steel guitar
  • Emerson Mardhine: Ukelele Bass
  • Carlinhos Cezar: Latin percussion and drums
  • Altair: Trompet
  • Marlon: Trombone
  • Rodrigo Revelas: Sax e flute
  • Estúdios: Recorded in Zanna Sound and Visom Digital studios

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