“Brands are like people:
they have a personality, attitude and stories to tell”.


Vivo is the first telephone company in the world to invest in its brand’s sound. Its song and sound logo can already be heard in all its advertising films and at all its points of contact with its publics, which are being redesigned with the new sound identity.

This project was carried out by Vivo’s marketing department, in partnership with Zanna Sound. This innovative endeavor aims to create a greater affinity between the brand and its publics: to make Brazil sing its song and increase its customers’ emotional attachment, and in this way to also affect the results.

The sound was created based on a study that determined the brand’s sound personality traits: enthusiastic, transformative, accessible and human. The sound pillars were created based on these traits.

The melody of the Manifesto (the brand’s song) is played on a piano and its chorus is sung by a choir of men and women of different races in a demonstration of Vivo’s diversity, singing the brand name with enthusiasm: “Oh, Oh, Vivo!” The Sound Logo represents the brand in sound and is the most striking synthesis of the song. The user’s manual provides guidelines for how Sound Branding should be used in a wide range of points of contact with the brand’s publics.

To apply the Sound Branding on a day-to-day basis, we developed four creative territories that reflect the different climates in which the brand needs to communicate. Based on these, we created four soundtracks to serve as points of departure for advertising agencies and audio producers.

“Music has the power to enchant and connect people more than any other language. Vivo, because it encourages connection through all its activities, cannot fail to take this perspective into account in the work developing the brand,” says Cristina Duclos, Image and Communication Director at Vivo.


Creation: Sound Manifesto, Sound Logo, Sound Design, Sound Branding Book
Applications: Recorded messages, advertising films and spots, stores, Internet, mobile and app sounds.



  • Ricardo Amado: violin
  • Márcio Sanches: violin
  • Adoniran Reis: violin
  • Daniel Albuquerque: violin
  • Marcelo Salles: cello
  • Cecília Amado: viola
  • Késia Estácio: choir
  • Jéssica Ramalho: choir
  • Jefferson Rocha: choir
  • Cláudio Carvalho: choir
  • Jefferson Rocha: coro
  • Sergio Morel: electric guitar
  • Alberto Continentino: bass
  • Sané: African percussion, berimbau and cuíca
  • Carlos Cesar: drums
  • Maycon Ananias: keyboard and string arrangements
  • Zanna: composition and direction

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