“Brands are like people:
they have a personality, attitude and stories to tell”.


VillageMall is the newest luxury shopping mall in the Barra da Tijuca neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro, and when it opened, it was already innovating with sound. When you enter the mall you are welcomed by a sophisticated and unpretensious voice from Rio. The environment has the perfect music with the right tone – always in keeping with its public. The mall offers a unique experience in its segment.


  • Study: developing the personality traits and sound archetypes
  • Creation: musical theme, sound logo and voice brand
  • Applications: parking gate, musical selection, internal radio vignettes, films, spots, call waiting, presentations, events and website
  • Special project: GIGS – a trio created especially for the brand, with a repertoire in keeping with Radio VillageMall. It plays on the shopping mall terrace every Sunday at 6:00 p.m.


  • Carlos Cezar: drums
  • Emerson Nardhin: bass
  • Hugo Pilger: cello
  • João Gaspar: steel guitar and electric guitars
  • JP Silva: seven string guitar
  • Rodrigo Sha: flute and tenor sax
  • Maycon Ananias: keyboard
  • Zanna: composition and arrangements

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