“Brands are like people:
they have a personality, attitude and stories to tell”.


Dear public, partners and clients! It is our pleasure to present you ViaQuatro’s Sound Branding Project, Line 4, Yellow of the São Paulo Metro.

Now, the most modern line of the São Paulo Metro has a new voice, a new way of communicating, its own song, and two sound logos for the different types of messages.

The features of the brand are: Welcoming, Efficient, Transforming and Contemporary.Based on those features, we have come up with a three-minute Pop Brazilian style song played by an amazing band.Furthermore, two sound logos have been defined for the two different types of messages. The institutional sound logo, a choir, introduces instructional messages. The operational sound logo, the clarinet, played by Rodrigo Sha, introduces operational messages for the upcoming station.

All messages played on trains and in stations have been recorded with the new voice, which is smoother and calmer. The text is now much more relaxed and pleasing!

The main idea is to offer a better experience for the passengers of Line 4 of the São Paulo Subway.


Creation: Musical Theme, Sound Logo,  Brand Voice
Applications: Messages on the trains and stations



  • Daniel Lopes – Acoustic Guitar
  • João Viana – Drums
  • Emerson Mardhine – Bass
  • Rodrigo Tavares – Keyboard
  • Miguel Bestard – Guitar
  • Marlon – Trombone
  • Rodrigo Shá – Clarinet / Arrangement
  • Fábio Carrão – BeatBox
  • Pérola Paes – Brand Voice
  • Zanna – General Direction

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