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Internet / 09.12.2011

Zanna Lopes: “Sound is a major tool for building brand identity.”

Sound is a major tool for building a brand identity. For example, there’s the Globo pling, pling, Intel’s poorooroo and Nokia’s irritating little song. But there’s a lot more to sound branding than simply creating a sound logo. Sound branding is a communication tool that seeks to unify a brand’s entire sound communication across all of its points of contact so that the audience recognizes the brand from its auditory experience on the telephone, on the website, in films and TV, at events, at the point of sale and on the radio. A lot of people say they do sound branding, but few really deliver a consistent product that involves research, a diagnosis of the brand and its competition, delivery of a sound branding manual, research to validate the sound branding, dissemination so that the organization understands what has been done and becomes an evangelist for the sound brand, followed by measurement of the results. For in the end, what really matters is that all of this has a positive effect on the brand’s numbers and results.

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