“Brands are like people:
they have a personality, attitude and stories to tell”.


The São Paulo water and sewage utility company understood the need to have a sound representative for its brand, which needs to rejuvenate. Studying the brand and its main rivals, we determined the sound guidelines that gave rise to the musical theme, which are water, nature and kisanji (a traditional African instrument). Additionally, we had the honor of having the music reinterpreted by the orchestra of the conductor João Carlos Martins throughout Brazil.


  • Diagnosis
  • Study: developing the personality traits and sound archetypes
  • Creation: musical theme and sound logo.
  • Applications: spots, films, call waiting, presentations, events and web.


  • Carlos Cezar: drums
  • Rodrigo Serra: xylophone and kisanji
  • João Gaspar: 12 string and nylon guitar
  • Zanna: Composition and arrangements
  • Rearrangement: João Carlos Martins and orchestra

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