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Impresso / 07.02.2014

The machines’ feminine tone! Zanna “an unmistakable mind the gap.”

The approximately 690,000 Rio residents who use the Rio Subway every day to get around the city may never have seen her face, but they’re certainly familiar with Zanna’s voice. A businesswoman, musical producer and singer, she’s the one who tells subway users which station is coming up next, reminds them about special seating for the elderly and pregnant women and gives the traditional “mind the gap” warning so that people won’t trip in the space between the train and the platform.

She’s the founder of Zanna Sound, the sound branding company that was responsible for formulating the Rio Subway’s sound identity, and a musical producer. She explains the ideas she used for the project.

“We did a survey and defined four brand characteristics to take into consideration: it’s from Rio, transformative, human and practical. From there, we implemented this in all the pieces we created. This is reflected, for example, in the Rio accent, in the warm and human tone of my intonation, which is not at all mechanical,” Zanna explains. She’s a Rio native and you can also hear her voice at the parking gate at the Fashion Mall shopping center in the São Conrado neighborhood.

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