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Impresso / 28.01.2013

What brand is that that’s playing?

The music, the digital signature and even the official voice for airport messages were created and defined by Zanna Sound, at the GRU Airport’s request. Zanna Sound is a company from Rio de Janeiro that was founded by Zanna, a singer with an opera singing education. The company has been in the market since 2006 and its clients include Banco do Brasil, HSBC and Itaú. It’s the first sound branding agency in Latin America.

Zanna Sound also created the sound brand for the Ponto Frio chain, which is part of the Pão de Açúcar Group, which also controls the Casas Bahia chain.

In June of last year, Zanna and Walter Werzowa, from the Hollywood sound studio Musikvergnuegen, where the first specialists to talk about sound branding at the advertising Festival in Cannes, France. Werzowa is the creator of one of the world’s best-known musical signatures, the Intel “pam, pam, pam.”

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