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M&M – GRU Airport

Impresso / 04.02.2013

GRU Airport puts its sound branding on the air.

GRU Airport, the Guarulhos International Airport’s new brand, which has been managed since February 2012 by the Invepar Consortium, is the first airport in Brazil to receive a sound branding treatment. The work, which was done by Zanna Sound, includes a new voice, theme music (background for the informative messages and sound manifestations of the brand) and sound logo (the sound made before passenger messages). Listen to the sound branding below.

The pieces started playing in GRU Airport’s lobbies at the end of last year. The project was created based on a branding study that determined that the business’s brand is feminine, around 35 years old, firm, but close, innovative, dynamic and multicultural. The purpose of the work is to make the environment more welcoming and cause the airport to be remembered for its sound.

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