“Brands are like people:
they have a personality, attitude and stories to tell”.


Winner of the best case study in the 2013 Audience Award at the ABA Congress in Moscow.

The Rio Subway concessionaire hired Zanna Sound to develop its sound branding. Together with its marketing people and communication partners, we created the brand’s personality traits. And based on this information, we created music that has become a symbol of Rio. 94{ef0ed6e5437228002fa2a3a35797e52a9e8ee0fca562a95755d492d967b958a4} of the public recognizes the voice and 81{ef0ed6e5437228002fa2a3a35797e52a9e8ee0fca562a95755d492d967b958a4} of them like it. The sound logo and different sounds for each type of message provide information to the public and have become melodies that are sung by the people of Rio. In addition to using them for call waiting messages, on the website, at automatic ticket machines and on radio spots, the highlight of this project is the first soundscape in Brazil: there are bird sounds and instruments typical of the music of Rio playing at the stations, which makes the environment more welcoming and tranquil. As a result, every resident of Rio who takes the subway knows how to sing the sound logo and identifies with the voice that speaks with a Rio accent – it’s close and unpretentious. The project was evaluated in a survey in partnership with the Troiano Branding Group. The results are surprising and you can see them in the video above.


  • Diagnosis
  • Creation: musical theme, sound logo, brand voice and sound design
  • Applications: messages on the trains and at the stations, automatic ticket machines, soundscape at the stations, call waiting, website sound, spots and ring tone


  • Vittor Santos: trombone
  • Lena Horta: flute and piccolo
  • Carlos Cezar: drums and percussion
  • Marcos Molleta: bahian electric guitar, steel guitar and rabeca
  • Emerson Mardhine: electric bass and fretless guitar
  • Zanna: composition and arrangement
  • Brand Voice: Zanna

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