“Brands are like people:
they have a personality, attitude and stories to tell”.


Welcome to the Infraero sound world! This friendly way of talking communicates a new phase for the company.

By implementing its sound identity, Infraero became the world’s first airport group to have sound branding – a new sound experience for the 61 airports it manages and for all its points of contact with its publics. Infraero’s new sound was introduced in August 2014 at the Santos Dumont Airport in Rio de Janeiro and the Congonhas Airport in São Paulo. The new sound identity will be introduced in Brazil’s other airports over time.

The working group, made up of strategic areas from Infraero and Zanna Sound, conducted a study to identify the Infraero brand’s personality traits. This study determined that if Infraero were a person, it would be a 40-year-old woman who is experienced, dynamic, attentive and connected. Based on these traits, we created the strategic sound pillars: the Infraero music and sound logos, together with the choice of Infraero’s voice and new way of speaking.

The Infraero music combines international and Brazilian instruments from various regions and establishes the rhythm Infraero wants to mark its spaces: upbeat without being frenetic and, at the same time, cheerful and welcoming. Three sound logos were created to represent Infraero in sound. The sound logo will precede institutional messages and be used in films, for customer service, on the web, at events and in all media in which there is sound. The attention logo will precede operational messages. The commercial logo will precede commercial messages.

The project included a wide-ranging search for a voice and for the brand’s way of speaking, which is called the oral tone. Each message to passengers was rewritten to be friendlier and more positive.


  • Study
  • Creation: Infraero music, sound logo, brand voice, oral tone, sound branding book
  • Applications: Airport environments, film soundtracks, customer service, ring tones, web, advertising spots and films, training videos.


  • André Vercelino: berimbau and cuíca
  • Carlos César: drums and percussion
  • Chico Chagas: accordion
  • João Gaspar: steel and nylon guitar and ukulele
  • Lena Horta: flute and piccolo
  • Lui Coimbra: cello
  • Zanna Lopes: composition, arrangement and musical direction.
  • Brand voice: Ana Paula de Aquino

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