“Brands are like people:
they have a personality, attitude and stories to tell”.


The Guarulhos (São Paulo) International Airport got a new brand and started off as the first airport in Brazil to have sound branding. Zanna Sound, in partnership with GRU’s marketing professionals, was responsible for carrying out this project, which has changed passengers’ experience at the airport. The musical theme is light, international and suggests a perfect environment for travel. The sound logo synthesizes these sensations in a quick three seconds and the new voice is attractive, professional and welcoming at the same time. Just the tone Latin America’s largest airport should have.


  • Diagnosis
  • Study
  • Creation: musical theme, sound logo and voice.
  • Applications: messages in the lounges, call waiting and institutional videos.


  • Carlos Cezar: snare drum,cajón and percussions
  • Emerson Mardhine: bass
  • Hugo Pilger: cello
  • João Gaspar: steel guitar, lap steel, ukulele
  • Rodrigo Sha: flute
  • Maycon Ananias: keyboard
  • Zannna: composition, arrangement and vocals
  • Brand voice: Simone Klias

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