“Brands are like people:
they have a personality, attitude and stories to tell”.


The challenge of the Brazilian National Industry Confederation, or CNI, is to align all the components of the Brazilian industrial system, which is made up of all of its confederations and the National Industrial Service, or SENAI, the Social Service of Industry, or SESI, and the Euvaldo Lodi Institute, or IEL. The CNI has begun its branding alignment. It has made a strategic decision that unifying its sound identity would be the first step in this process. Creating a single sound brand was the first step to integrate the brands at a national level.

We conducted a diagnosis and determined the brand’s personality. Based on that, we created the musical theme and sound logo and searched for the brand’s proprietary voice. The result is an elegant musical theme that suggests both excellence and sophistication. The trumpet is responsible for adding the sophistication. The voices bring it together and the electronic element adds a modern touch. The CNI sound is on the air throughout Brazil in all industry bulletins and in SENAI, SESI and IEL films.


  • Diagnosis
  • Personality traits: transformative, aggregator, sustainable, Brazilian.
  • Creation: musical theme, sound logo, voice brand and oral tone.
  • Applications: website sound, call waiting, events, industry bulletins on the radio and publicity films.


  • Carlos Cezar: bateria
  • Alberto Continentino: baixo e contrabaixo
  • Altair Martins: trompete
  • Ricardo Amado: violino
  • Rodrigo Tavares: coprodução e teclados
  • Zanna: Composição e direção

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