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Internet / 06.02.2013

The GRU Airport sound brand.

“We paid very close attention to the issue of the sound system, how it was done, what the messages were, in what order they were given and who the people who did them were. So we did a survey and when we took over we decided to have many of those messages stopped to decrease the airport’s sound pollution,” says Maranini.

Based on these requests, Zanna Sound did a survey and determined that the airport’s brand is feminine, about 35 years old, firm, innovative, dynamic and multicultural. Based on this definition, the company brought together a select team of musicians to create the airport’s new sound.

Simone Kliass was chosen as the new voice artist. She’s the voice for the Nívea and Grendene brands and the Portuguese version of the Avast! antivirus brand. “You have a voice that is this profile of a woman, 35 years old, from São Paulo, intelligent, close, etc. Everything that we chose – the soundtrack, the style of the voice and the sound logo – were based on this,” says Zanna.

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