“Brands are like people:
they have a personality, attitude and stories to tell”.


In September 2016, during the closing ceremony of the 2016 Rio Olympic Games in Maracanã stadium, Apex-Brasil launched the brand Be Brasil. That brand will represent Brazil worldwide.

Given their lengthy experience and extensive expertise, Zanna Sound was invited to create the sound identity of the brand, which will be used in Apex-Brasil’s events, films, and all marketing inside and, mainly, outside of Brazil.

The project was conducted by the marketing department of APEX, their publicity arm, in partnership with Zanna Sound. As is so often the case, it was the first time that a brand representing Brazil had their own sound identity. And how appropriate, considering Brazil is a country widely known for its music.

The sound brand creation was originated from a study which defined the characteristics of the sound personality of Be Brasil. Those characteristics are: Creativity, Quality, Sustainability, and Determination. From these elements the fundamental sound pillars were created.

The musical theme was composed and directed by Zanna. It is wholly Brazilian and inspired by the iconic composer Tom Jobim’s melodies, as well as by sambas elegantly executed by the greatest drummers from Bahia. The graceful, typically Brazilian and outstanding composition was arranged by Luiz Brasil, the same arranger who has worked with Cassia Eller, Caetano Veloso, Gal Costa, and other great artists within Brazilian music. Brasil’s arrangement included brass, choir and a clean and central elegant guitar sound, added to the rustic drums of Bahia. All of these elements together make up the theme that carries Brazil in its name.

The Sound Logo is the sound representation of Be Brasil and it is the most striking synthesis of the music represented by the choir. A voice casting was conducted in order to find the person capable of representing those attributes.Together, these elements make up the Sound Branding of Apex-Brasil’s Be Brasil brand.

Zanna Sound is proud to have had the opportunity to create the music that represents one of the most musical countries on the planet, and to have been able to contribute to the building of an elegant, smart, thrilling and, above all, warm identity for Apex-Brasil’s Be Brasil.


  • Study: Branding Workshops to identify and create strategy guidelines.
  • Creation: Musical Theme, Sound Logo, Voice of the brand.
  • Purpose: Launching of the brand films, events, vignette of the brand, and the phone lines on-hold musical theme.


  • Carlos Cesar: Drums
  • Luiz Brasil: Guitar and arrangement
  • Zanna: Musical direction and composing
  • Emerson Mardhine: Bass
  • Diogo Gomes: Trompet
  • Reinaldo Seabra: Trombone
  • Aldivas Ayres: Trombone
  • Zé Carlos Bigorna: Sax e Flute
  • Humberto Araújo: Sax e Flute
  • Boka Reis: Percussion
  • Leo Mucuri: Percussion
  • Ricardo Guerra: Percussion
  • Marcelo Martins: Flute
  • Carlos Malta: Flute
  • Gustavo Di Dalva: Percussion
  • Binho Aranha: Percussion
  • Eduardo Di Dalva: Percussion

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