“Brands are like people:
they have a personality, attitude and stories to tell”.


The MID soft drink from Ajinomoto is the first food brand to have sound branding. It mediates the emotional relationship it establishes with its publics. In determining its strategic sound pillars, we agreed that MID needs to use its slogan “Sharing is the good part.” The result is a warm song that is sung by a feminine voice. It has memorable lyrics and expresses the brand’s personality traits. The theme and sound logo are used in all the brand’s communication pieces.


  • Diagnosis
  • Study: Creation of personality traits and sound archetypes
  • Creation: musical theme, sound logo and brand voice.
  • Applications: telephone messages, spots, website, social networks, events and presentations.


  • Carlos Cezar: drums
  • João Gaspar: strings
  • Carol Panesi: violin and rabeca
  • Marcus Ribeiro: cello
  • Rodrigo Serra: xylophone
  • Thais Motta: vocal
  • Zanna: composition and arrangement

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